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Ashtapadi Attam – Classical Dance form

Ashtapadi Attam

Ashtapadi Attom is a popular dance form based on the Gita Govinda of Jayadeva. It is more of a dramatic representation of the renowned lyrical play. Altogether there are only five characters, Krishna, Radha and three females.The dance drama is based on the text Krishna-Geeta which is in Sanskrit. The make-up costumes and ornaments used in Krishnanattom are almost similar to Ashtapadi Attom.

In no other dance could be seen so many characters performing the same dance with the same facial expressions, eye movements, gestures, foot-work (and set to the same rhythm) with so much of co-ordination, and grace, e.g., Mullappoochutal in Rasalila (Sree Krishna with Gopoikas) Kaliyamardana Nritham etc.

Instruments like chenda, maddalam, elathalam, chengala are used for Ashtapadi Attom performance.

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