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Navarasam by Kalamandalam Krishnan Nair

Navrasam - Facial Expressions are important in Kathakai dance. There are total nine main facial expressions and they are used to convey various emotions through a variety of facial expressions and hand gestures. The nine emotions are Adbhutham (wonder), Bhayanakam (fear/terrible), Hasyam (Ridicule/comic), Karunam (Pathos), Raudram (furious/anger), Viram (Valour/heroic), Beebhalsam (Disgust/odious), Sringara (amour/love), and Santam (tranquility/peace). Here are nine images represents expressions.

Kathakali – Props, Rituals and Customs

Many of the rituals and procedure have obvious lineage to Koodiyattam. Props on stage: Although Kathakali is essentially "visionary" in nature and practically there is no "set" recreating the ambience, a few essential props are used.Thirasseela (Curtain). As in the case of most theatrical forms of the period, Kathakali uses a curtain held aloft by two assistants. Traditionally this has to be "a piece of cloth, four feet by five, of a single colour, with the figure of lotus...

Classical Dances

Classical dances are based fully or partly on the principles and techniques embodied in the ancient Hindu scriptures and technical texts on dance and allied arts. The earliest of these known scripts is Bharatha's Natya Shastra believed to have been written around the second century B.C. Most of the prevailing systems of classical dancing governed by elaborate techniques with a high degree of refinement have had their origin in the dances of the common people. The difference between classical dancing...

Chakyar Koothu – Classical Dance of Kerala

Chakyar Koothu is a type of performing arts from Kerala, south India. It is a kind of mono act. It is the traditional equivalent of a stand-up comic act. However, unlike the stand-up comics, the performer has a wider leeway in that he can heckle the audience. This classical dance is performed by the member of the professional Chakyar cast that too only in Koothambalam of temples. It is one of the oldest of theatrical arts peculiar to Kerala. The...